As a full-service staffing agency, Cloud solutions tech assists clients and employers in filling open positions with top talents, as well as helping job-seekers find high-paying positions at top companies worldwide.

Additionally, we oversee projects for corporations under contract.

To keep the project moving forward, we make sure that all necessary resources are on hand. Monitoring product and framework compliance, we also make sure that the conditions are right for the process to run efficiently and produce desired results. We handle all aspects of website building as well as security upgrades, audits, and recommendations.

Key services we also provide include staff augmentation in the fields of cloud computing and DevOps.


A career in tech is one with no limits, and this is why Cloud Solutions Tech takes articulate steps to empower professionals with vital and requisite skill development as a response to the rising

demand for expert IT personnel.

Our corporate training programs are based on standards that guarantee clients’ training needs are met with effectiveness in every, not most, scheduled class hours and engagements.

All courses within are vetted for unparalleled quality, flexibility, and a user-friendly environment.

Companies looking for skilled candidates can hire our trained personnel, who are not only familiar with the industry but also detail-oriented enough to provide nothing but quality.

As enabled by our strong working culture, our all-inclusive suite of courses includes AWS cloud engineering, Linux system administration, DevOps, Technical recruiting, etc.

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Learning Experience

In addition to the standard of education, we are likewise fixated on the learning experience. One major value is to make learning enjoyable.

Our course creators and developers have put due and diligent efforts into our courses to make learning smooth, easy, and fun at every stage and entry-level.

Constant improvement

We are not known to rest on our laurels.

By establishing new courses, upgrading the existing ones, and providing support for our customers, we continuously enhance the platform and experience.

Our interactive product development strategy includes consulting with our students on would love to learn next.

The input from the students aids our ongoing improvement and sustainable growth.


Our purpose at Cloud Solutions Tech was inspired by the shortcomings we observed in the industry; that majority of courses consisted merely of monotonous voice-overs playing in sync with screen captures of computers.

Following the yearning of students who sought and are still seeking a more practical, human, and relatable course outlet, Cloud solutions tech exists to rewrite the narrative of boring, uninspiring techniques learners were always experiencing into an immersive learning experience.

We began with our classes before realizing the enormous potential of this strategy.

Our mission today is to take our platform to every single engineer and prospective DevOps engineer.

We believe it is our obligation to make this educational and learning methodology available to every single student who can profit from it.

This is because the positive feedback we received from our students has given us the courage and assurance to recognize that we are an industry leader in DevOps education.

Moreover, it is our goal to further help increase the earning power and confidence of citizens all over the world through technology solutions upgrading their annual income to six figures.

The Best Global Experts
About Cloud Solutions Tech

The Best Global Experts

Cloud Solutions Tech is not just another information and technology training and consulting firm.
Transitioning into tech or looking to advance in your career? Cloud solutions tech's mission has been to hold your hands along the way.
Having served over a hundred students in the past year, our healthy learning ethics, wholesome trainings, and unrivaled excellence have all remained intact.